Földijó-Gasztro Ltd.


Budapest, district XIV., Zoo, Állatkerti krt. 14-16.

Gross floor area

38m2 + 78m2 terrace / 29m2+31m2 terrace

Architect team

FLÓ Architects – Ágota Demeter, Linda Csővári

Photo credit

Dániel Dömölky

Graphic Design Branding

Dávid Baráth

Graphic Design- menu and signalization

Ági Rubik

Ceramic TAME furniture

Edit Szabó

Ceramic letters and logo sign

Júlia Néma

Construction team

1st phase: Resonator Ltd.-construction, Igazifa- furniture-/ 2nd phase: FAGUSZ Ltd.- wooden construction, Igazifa- furniture


1st phase- June 2018 / 2nd phase-May 2019



The Client had the opportunity to open a Sekler Cake Pastry at the most frequented area in Budapest and the most famous Zoo in Hungary. The Pastry located part of a Riding Hall, which belongs to the Once-Upon-A-Time-Castle, built in 2017-2018. The project was finalized in two phase: 1st- kitchen of the bakery + terrace for the consumers- entrance from inside of the Zoo, 2nd- indoor, heated Pastry and public terrace - entrance from outside of the Zoo.


Introduction of the Client

The Client has the company called Vitéz Kürtős since 2003. The traditional sekler cake is coming from Transylvania backed on fire. They had a vision to have a pastry where the cakes are made from different way of use of the classic chimney cakes and have a regular location where they can present it, not only just on periodical festivals and events. Vitéz Kürtős achieved the sekler cake became a Hungaricum in 2015 and they are the organizers of the annual Chimney Cake Festival in Budapest from 2013.


Concept design

The pastry is an open kitchen where the tools and the bake n roll baking kit is part of the design. The kitchen area has a storage, a changing room and a shower. The 1st phase terrace situated next to a corral surrounded by beautiful trees. The closeness of the horses gives a unique experience for the customers. 1st phase task was to design the kitchen area and the terrace, 2nd phase was to design an indoor, heated consumer area. This 30 m2 pastry was divided from the Riding Hall and able to give service during winter time. The wooden-plexi construction reflects to the pergola of the Zoo and gives insight how the kids riding on camels and horses. The concrete ground had a slope, that is the reason why the furnitures are staged. The big entrance gate could be fully opened to the outdoor public area and could flow inside. With the extension now the pastry has 3 service windows to 3 different directions and public and Zoo visitor entrances as well.


During developing the interior design plans also the new visual identity of Vitéz Kürtős was developing. Behind the interior concept idea was the substance feeling of the traditional fire backing based on simplicity, natural materials, and sensational touch. The specific materials are the wooden, burnt ceramics and steel. The layout of the pastry was designed following the technical order of preparing and backing. The colours and the materials our in harmony with the new visual identity. The custom made glazed ceramic furnitures are remarkable artworks. The signs on the facades are also custom made glazed ceramics.

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